Foreign Languages

Peachtown’s vision and educational goals are promoted in foreign language studies by implementing a tailored curriculum that fits each individual student’s need regardless of his/her prior foreign language experience. All students learn and share the same culturally rich curriculum, which is designed  to simultaneously learn two languages.  As students learn together at their own pace, they come to appreciate each other’s different levels, while strengthening their command of their new language skills.

The curriculum encompasses textbook learning, conversational skills and video programs, and is also designed to expose students to languages through cooking, dancing, acting and singing:  to immerse students in an authentic cultural context.  

All of the course work emphasizes oral communication and phonetic awareness of each language through communicative activities that are scaled from easier to more challenging. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are presented in scaffolds and manageable chunks in order to help students express themselves more clearly and correctly by internalizing patterns and learning to use them for self-expression, which fosters the development of accurate language habits.