Friday, June 18, 2021

  The Peachtown Players proudly present

And other selected plays

by Meredith Ludwig

Available online for your listening pleasure at this link

Special Thanks

When we sat down to discuss the logistics of producing a play during a pandemic we remembered our lessons on

World War II and the images of families huddled around radios for both news and entertainment. Radio dramas were

wildly popular throughout the 1940s. We chose this collection of plays as an extension of our learning, and also as a

practical solution to logistical challenges during this unique year. We plan to return to our annual stage performances

by next spring and hope that you enjoy this special production.

Thank you to our wonderful families, and especially those who recorded remotely; this was truly a team effort!

Special thanks to Zac Mosely for recording and producing this performance.  Your professional touch really brought the show to life!