Thursday, July 19, 2018

LEGO Robotics Camp

We're excited to be offering a LEGO Robotics camp for students entering grades 4-8.  The camp runs from August 13-17 and will cover the topics outlined below.  If time allows we'll also include a student devised challenge for the robots to navigate.

Robotics Camp
Peachtown Elementary School

Age: Entering grades 4-8
Date:  August 13-17
Location: Peachtown Elementary School
Hours: 9 AM-4 PM with early drop-off and late pick up optional for a small additional fee.

Day 1: Intro to Coding: Children will learn the basics of Scratch coding software. They will learn to create blocks and use math skills(such as geometry, logistics, basic math) As an activity students will animate each letter of their name using the different coding blocks and if students are done they are encouraged to create a Mad Libs program where they will use sensory, operational, control blocks and more.
Days 2-3: Building the Robot Children will begin working in teams to build the robots. Students will learn how to work together mimicking the way programmers work together when building programs. As they begin building they will reach a point where the robot will be connected to the power source. The robot will make noises, walk, blink, and even spin around.
Day 4: Coding from a computer Students will use their new programing skills to program their robots. There are blocks for motion, sound, sensing and more. Students will be encouraged to make their robots speak by incorporating sounds. Students will have freedom to program their robots to do whatever they want. The possibilities are virtually endless.
Day 5: Sharing what your robot can do: On the last day students will finish up any remaining programming and then we will be presenting our creations to the rest of the class. If there is time left students will be encouraged to share what they’ve learned and enjoyed while learning about robotics.
Email to register your child. 

Camp runs from 9AM – 4PM. Early drop off and late pick up will be made available as needed for a small additional fee. Cost per week is $175.